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How does this process work? What can I expect?

Unlike other sites that hide their business process and scam you with a bait and switch program, we want our customers to know how our process works. We offer a step by step program that helps people in nearly any kind of financial situation find a home they can call their own, and we are proud of what we do.

Step 1: Identify what your current financial situation is.

The first step to any large financial investment, is determining what position you are in. By gathering some basic information about what kind of investment you can make, and what kind of external assistance you might be eligible for, we can better determine what kind of properties and programs you might be able to afford. The key to this process is something called 'Debt to Income Ratio' (DTI). This is a fairly straightforward way to calculate how much debt you currently have, your ability to pay off that oustanding debt, and how much additional debt you can realistically add without overwhelming yourself financially.

Step 2: Learn about your ideal home.

Another important obvious step is understanding what kind of home you need for yourself and any relevant family members. Being able to afford a house, but not one that suits your needs isn't worthwhile. We will ask important questions such as how many bedrooms you would like, verses how many you require, so that we can establish a window of possible homes to evaluate you for, within your financial range.

Step 3: We prepare a custom list of homes that fit you.

Once we have your information, we work with a large network of home owners and investors to find homes that fit your needs and financial profile. We coordinate with home owners who want to sell their homes but have unable to do so because of the current economic crisis and surplus of homes on the market. These owners are willing to work with us to lower the financial requirements, sometimes even financing the purchase of the home themselves, or working on a rent to own basis to get someone into their home with an option to purchase it at a later date. We also work with investors who are willing to cover many up front costs to home ownership and provide loans without the hassle and requirements of dealing with a bank. In some cases, we find out that your financial profile will actually allow customers to obtain a normal loan without them being aware of it.

Optional Step 4: Financial Assistance.

Sometimes situations may require additional financial considerations, if the homes that fit within your current financial profile do not appeal to you or fit your needs. We can assist with debt reconsolidation, credit improvement, or several other programs that will help you improve your financial position and widen the available selection of homes. By knowing your current status, we can suggest programs that will raise your credit standing, and improve your Debt to Income level to a level that works with our network to get you the home you want.

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The MyRentToOwnHouse Program™

We are more than just a home listing service. We are a full service program that turns you from a renter in a home owner.

The MyRentToOwnHouse™ Commitment To You...

It is our goal to insure that you are fully satisfied with your experience in our program. We are 100% committed to turning your from a renter into a home owner by whatever means necessary. In return we expect the same effort from you!